Are you worried about losing your hair?

Join our research programme. All qualified applicants will be provided with a free genetic test and hair tissue mineral analysis, worth over £600.

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Our story so far

We are a small humble team in the start-up stage of business, passionate about helping people prevent hair loss. We will be focusing on the individual’s blueprint and environment to deliver our hair loss prevention treatments. Through our pioneering genetic test and hair tissue mineral analysis, yet to be launched, we believe we can make hair loss preventable.

Our research programme

We are trying to identify the factors which lead to premature hair loss in men (androgenic alopecia) and hence to develop a predictive test for this condition. We are currently looking for men worried about losing their hair or affected by early stages of hair loss to take part in our research programme. We will use state of the art genetic testing technology to reveal the likelihood of hair loss. In addition, we will carry out a hair tissue mineral analysis on all qualified applicants, all of which will be completely free of charge and in the privacy of your own home.


From our findings we hope to recommend current products or develop new ones, which if applied in a timely fashion, could either prevent, halt or reduce hair loss.

Join our research programme

To apply, simply complete our online Environmental Exposure & Lifestyle Questionnaire, which will then be evaluated by our experts. Spaces are limited but we will respond to every completed questionnaire. For more information, please contact the Prevention Hair Loss team on 02380 634830 or alternatively email the team using our contact form.

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